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Passanger Seat

Passanger Seat - Integrated chair to public transportation.

BOW Light

BOW Light - Tightened between two surfaces.

Massage tool

Massage tool - Massage your back.


Kurki - Simply beautiful dustpan and a brush.

Soma modules

Soma modules - Connetacble contruction block and material.


Venkari - Ecological option to the wire hangers.

Liuku sledge

Liuku sledge - For children and grown ups winter activities.


ASKIT - Beautiful ecological storage items.

Bamboo Light

Bamboo Light - Ecological light.

Bamboo Jar

Bamboo Jar - Ecological jar.

Bamboo Party Fork

Bamboo Party Fork - Cutlery combo.

Bamboo Sunny Forks

Bamboo Sunny Forks - Cutlery made of ecologal material.

Klapi -stone bridge

Klapi -stone bridge - Transportable modular bridge.

Triangel board

Triangel board - Foldable table.

Trice collapsible chair

Trice collapsible chair - Perfectly strong on all bases.

Tsik Tsak - brochure shelf

Tsik Tsak - brochure shelf - Stylish option.

Fruit Box chair

Fruit Box chair - Produce it by yourself.


Kapeneva - Multifunctional furniture.

2F folding chair

2F folding chair - Awarded design. With two faces.