Strategic consulting

Helsingin Tukkutori

City of Helsinki Wholesale market

As a continuum to designing objects to urban environment,Creadesign transforms today urban areas to functional urban surroundings and attractive services. For the City of Helsinki Wholesale Market, Creadesign developed a concept to transform part of the Wholesale Market to a lively public space and open originally anabattoir area for consumer business. Creadesign carried out a wide analysis, developed jointly a vision and made visualizations, which communicate about the direction from various perspectives. By focusing on the users' experience, a set of dos and don'ts for new tenants was set, making development easy to grasp and apply.

Tulikivi Oyj

Strategic Partner in Design Management

Creadesign is a strategic design management partner for Tulikivi Corporation.

Tiolat Oy

Developing and Commercializing an Idea

Creadesign was in charge of developing the business concept and actual product on the basis of an idea by Tiolat Ltd. The eye pressure measurement tool was developed into a manufacturable product from a cardboard box full of components brought in the by the inventor. The finished product stood out in positive contrast to earlier instruments in terms of size, comfort of use, and price. Soon after production began, the device was being sold in 40 countries. Today its in worldwide use. In 2005, the design was nominated Focus Know-how award.

RAY Gaming Machine

Reaching New Target Group

Creadesign developed for Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY) a gaming machine for a totally new target group.

An analysis of the planned gaming environment complemented with a trend analysis set the stage for product design, testing and launch of 3D games, and in the end a user-friendly and atmosphere boosting gaming machine. Today the gaming machine with 2000 led lights attracts players in the selected Helsinki nightclubs.